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Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules Fri Aug 29, 2008 9:00 pm

This is a collection of all of the rules of the forum. If there is a misunderstanding please feel free to PM one of the admins or mods about it.


1. Please post in the appropriate forums. This create less clutter and less annoying work for the admins to have to clean up.

2. No spamming or flaming is allowed. You will be warned at first, but if you continue to spam you will be punished more severly. Spamming includes advertising another forum in a thread that is not made for advertising, posting something completely random in threads, or doing one word posts. Flaming and disrespecting another member is not tolerated what so ever, if you are found doing so you will be punished no questions asked.

3. Please do not double post. If you need to add something to one of your posts please just use the Edit button.

4. Do not argue with a mod or admin. We know what we are doing people, for the most part =P, if you have a problem PM us and we will discuss it but saying something like "OMG YOUR SO STUPID" is not allowed.

5. Signatures may not be too large, I have no limit on size as of yet, but if too many people have too large of signatures I will create one. Just use common sense people. Also signatures as well as avatars may not contain inappropriate images or words such as cursing, racial slangs, sexual images/comments.

6. You must have a minimum of 100 posts before you are permitted to advertise your own website in the advertisements section. We do this to stop people from just joining to plug and then leaving. You may provide some information about your site in your signature though.

7. Only administrators and moderators are allowed to make new threads in the Information and Rules forum but everyone else is free to reply to the topics there.

8. Before making a topic, please see if there is one already made that is similar to the one you want to create. Redundant topics will be erased.

9. If you're going to change the text size of your posts, please don't overdo it.

10. If you are banned, we will not permit you to rejoin the forums ever again. It's a one time deal, just be careful about what you post.

11. Inappropriate images such as pornography are not allowed on this site at all, keep everything PG-13. If you post anything inappropriate it will be removed and you will be warned then banned.

12. Please notify an admin or mod if a member threatens or speaks inappropriatly with you, including a quote of what they said. We will deal with it ourselves, do not take matters into your own hands.

13. No Mini-modding please. That's what mods are for. ^_^

14. Have fun. That is what we are here for guys, no point in this forum if you don't enjoy it.


1. No cursing or flaming of other members is allowed. You will be banned from the chatbox if you do either of the following.

2. No pornographic material is allowed.

3. Spamming in the chat box or posting over and over for no reason is not permitted.

4. You may not advertise a forum on the chatbox.
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Forum Rules

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