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Glt Plesre -- A Literate Furuba Roleplay.

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PostSubject: Glt Plesre -- A Literate Furuba Roleplay. Thu Oct 02, 2008 7:19 pm



When the curse was broken, the Sohmas rejoiced. This horrible burden had been released from their shoulders. They were free to love whomever they wished, free to leave the estates, free to make their own legacies, instead of being pinned down by the one a sick twist of fate had laid out for them.

They were free to really live.

Many heralded Tohru Honda, the young girl who had, with her entrance, seemed to sweep the curse away. She won the hearts of many of the Zodiac, and she made few enemies. The God refused to embrace her, at first, because of the fear of losing her precious Bond. But Tohru even found a way to warm the icy heart of Akito, to bring her back to her true glory. It seemed as if there was no person that this girl couldn't change, no boundary that she couldn't surpass. She even managed to find it in her heart to accept young Kyo, the Cat, the Monster, of the Zodiac.

What would they say now, generations later, if they had known that her crusade to break the curse would only grow to condemn them more?

The Spirits of the Zodiac were not truly put to rest. They were still there, still quite real. This included the spirit of the lonely God, and that of the vengeful Cat. The God wanted only for his animals to be laid to rest, for there to be peace... But jealousy and anger still pervaded that spirit so. Why should the Cat find a love like that? Why should He, the spirit that headed them all, be feared? Things should have been made right, instead of more skewed!

The Sohma's found that the curse had returned. But the number of Cursed children that were being born had doubled- and not all of them were the same. It seemed that the Western Zodiac had been brought into the lives of the Sohma as well, bringing the burden on the family again, this time twofold.

But the problems presented with these children were enormous. Some seemed to be ill, others prone to accidents- one of the first died at birth. There were problems as they transformed, as well. The spirit of Pisces, the fish, was as fragile as the Snake. If left out of water for too long once transformed, it seemed, the child could die. The Sohmas were wholly unprepared for this... But, it seems to be their fate.

The first born was twenty nine years ago- and now it seems that the positions are all full, twelve Eastern spirits, twelve Western, the Vengeful Cat, and God.


1. This is a literate roleplay. I am not saying that novellas are required, just a few decent GOOD paragraphs.
2. Of course, you need to follow Nanu's ToS. They are the rules for this site, and I don't fancy the idea of losing my RP because you decide to break them. I have no limits myself, but of course, we must follow Nanu's.
3. Romance is encouraged, as is drama. I have nothing against triangles, cheating, or any of the other lovely aspects of a roleplay. Anything that keeps this roleplay interesting is ok in my book.
4. Keep fighting to just fists. I don't mind the presence of weapons, as long as they are not actually used to cause physical harm. In this vein- no godmoding or powerplaying. If involved in a fight, feel free to use the attributes you know are in common with the animal- however, none of them are invincible. Remember that.
5. All OoC needs to be noted as such- I think that's self-explanatory. But remember...
7. Just post all profiles here. Not too hard, ne?
8. You may have three characters, at maximum.
9. Don't be a jack@#!. We all want to have fun. Characters may be rude to other characters, but if I hear about you pulling anything OoC, I will remove you.
10. Posting can be done in either first or third person.

Profile Rules
1. From each Zodiac, only six can be girls.
2. The Dragon is a sea horse, not a dragon, and also the only one in the family that can erase memories.
3. The Jyunishi can be aged anywhere from twelve to twenty nine.
4. Not too many Outsiders can know the secret- and each one needs a good reason for knowing it
5. Feel free to change the colors in the application.
6. All character pictures must be of the 'anime' style- as for the Zodiac animals, pictures aren't required, and they can be real or anime.


When My Mother Calls- (Character Name)

Mirror, Mirror- (Picture)

A.k.a- (Nicknames)

Candles on Cake- (Age)

I am... (Gender)

Work, Work, Work... (Occupation, school counts)

Sides of Me - (Personality)

Retell the Tale- (History)

Don't Tell a Soul- (Secrets, if any)

I Love - (likes)

Get Away - (Dislikes)

Shaking in My Boots- (Fears)

Getting Powers- (Strengths)

Weak at the Knees - (Weaknesses)

Dance to the Music - (Theme Song)

Are There Any Animals in Here?? - (Cursed Form)

Fur, Spots, Stripes - (Animal Appearance)

Oh, HAVE FUN ^___^
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PostSubject: Re: Glt Plesre -- A Literate Furuba Roleplay. Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:25 pm

When My Mother Calls- Kenji Sohma

Mirror, Mirror- (Picture)

A.k.a- None

Candles on Cake- 17

I am... Male

Work, Work, Work... Student

Sides of Me - Kenji is the shy boy from school who's only goal in life is to get through each day with as little human contact as possible. As the cat of the Zodiac he found that he never belonged in the Sohma household and that feeling of betrayel carried on to his school. Many people that come to the house or visit it look at him with disgust, insult him, push and bully him, but he never fights back. He continues his way not showing any emotions but slowly starts to cry when finally alone.

I am the Cat, the monster of the Zodiac. People detest me and wish that I had never been born, but I am here bearing the mark of the curse with the beads I wear on my wrist. I can be cold, heartless, and evil but my true side is a kind soul looking from escape and acceptance. The cat shall keep fighting and pray that one day this curse shall be lifted and I can finally find my place in this world, that is if I even belong.

Retell the Tale- Kenji wasn't treated as badly as many of the other Zodiac children were by his parents, both of which knew of the curse that he bore. They took him and spoiled him until the head of the house forced them to let him go to school. They were determined to hide him from the world and pamper him with love and affection hoping he would grow up sheltered. It worked for years, he had not even seen the world outside of the Sohma estate and knew little of what was beyond "The Gate."

When he was 5 he was finally allowed to leave the gates to school and his vision of the world changed completely. He thought that every person was a member of the zodiac, he was so excited to find out that there were others like him. That's when he met her, she was a student in his class a young girl who strived to be friends with everyone she met. She ran up to him at recess and took his hand and asked him to play, questioning him about the beads he wore. He told her the truth, about being a part of the zodiac and the monster thinking she would understand, but he was wrong. She looked at him with horror and eyed the beads as her childlike curiosity got the better of her. The beads were ripped from his wrist and he transformed, she was hurt by him and her memory was erased. He was alone again.

Since that day he was scared of making friends, worried that he would lose them like he lost her. He swore he would stay alone and not hurt another person with the beast inside him.

Don't Tell a Soul-
I fear falling in love
I fear the darkness
I fear being abandoned

I Love -

Get Away -

Shaking in My Boots-
Losing my Beads

Getting Powers-
Having People around me

Weak at the Knees -
Being Forgotten
Never being accepted

Dance to the Music - Goodbye Peaches- MylestaVilla

Are There Any Animals in Here?? - The Cat

Fur, Spots, Stripes - A small black cat, no special physical traits.

Still I waited for the chance of a lifetime
Go and get here I got her on my mind
Nothing better the feeling is so fine
Simply put I saw your love stream flow
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PostSubject: Re: Glt Plesre -- A Literate Furuba Roleplay. Fri Oct 03, 2008 1:57 pm

When My Mother Calls- Tamiko Chii Sohma

Mirror, Mirror-

A.k.a- Tami-chan, Chii, God, or just Tamiko

Candles on Cake- 19

I am... A Girl

Work, Work, Work... Full time God of the 24 Animals

Sides of Me - Tamiko is generally a cruel person, at least that's what the Zodiac says. She widely hated for her extremly violent ways too, said by anyone. Tamiko is fully aware she speaks her own mind while being blunt, not caring if she may hurt that person in the process. The truth hurts, so get over it. On top of all that, she has such a quick temper that it's beyond control, so people don't challenege her unless their in for a ride. She also plays with people's heads, turning their feelings and thoughts against themselves. Of course this girl is sarcastic beyond belief, so half the time people don't talk to her.

Retell the Tale- "It's a girl" announced the newest baby girl's arrival, everyone brushing that off while the watched to see what would happen when she was laid in the father's hands. Applause broke out when she didn't transform, but it was cut all too short when they learned even worse news. Tamiko was the God of the Zodiac. Which meant, thier little girl was going to die at 21.
The beggining of her life was spent indoors, for everyone thought she would be frail just like Akito. One day -at age of 5- she went out doors while playing with the Pisces, quickly being spotted though and brought back in inside instantly. She witnessed her friend being hit for not stopping Tamiko form going out, and the start of the hate towards her began that day. Over the years she tried again and again to see outside, but was always stopped. At 7 she started having to be taught the secrets of the Zodiac, sitting all day while reading from scrolls to books. Anger bottled up inside her, watching all 24 memebers outside playing, being held by their same sex parent, or anything she wasn't. Around 8, her parents didn't spend time with her anymore, leaving in the middle of the night before she turned 9.
Anger just kept bottling up till 12, when she dilivered her first punch to a Zodiac's face. She waited, wanting them to strike back, but it never came. Tamiko now found her new 'control' she had, using it to her advantage. Nothing changed much at 19 for Tamiko, still angry and sadistic as ever.

Don't Tell a Soul- Tamiko doesn't hate the Zodiac, but won't admit it.

I Love - +Nighttime +Snow +Outside +Company +Stuffed Animals

Get Away - =Yelling =Sour Foods =Doctors =Parent's Love

Shaking in My Boots- ~Birthdays ~To close for comfort ~Her Zodiac leaving her

Getting Powers- ::Moon ::My Zodiac ::Outside

Weak at the Knees - >>Bigger People >>Sickness

Dance to the Music - Flyleaf - Fully Alive

Are There Any Animals in Here?? - None, sorry

Fur, Spots, Stripes - .-.
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PostSubject: Re: Glt Plesre -- A Literate Furuba Roleplay. Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:07 pm

When My Mother Calls- Kano Sohma (Pronounced: Kaah-no)

Mirror, Mirror-

A.k.a- Just Kano

Candles on Cake- 14

I am...A girl

Work, Work, Work... Supposedly a 1st Year High School Student, but she doesn't go to school.

Sides of Me - A naive and quiet girl, Kano keeps to herself and stays on the grounds of the Sohma estate, sitting talking only to herself, or the sky. She is terribly afraid of people and almost refuses to talk to anyone, even the members of her family. Kano often resorts to writing her feelings on scrolls and showing them if she is questioned or spoke to. Because she does not go to school due to her illness and inability to speak, Kano often wanders the grounds in search of quiet places, away from the other members of the family. She has a habit of standing up on high places, pretending as if she could fly.

Retell the Tale- When the Tiger was born into the Sohma family, everyone thought she would be a strong, brave soul, just like her Zodiac. But Kano was born frail and weak, unabe to walk even by the age of three. The rest of the family, including her mother and father, were extremely dissapointed, and they often scolded Kano for being quiet and weak. As each day passed, Kano's mother began to lose her memory, after Tamiko announced that the Tiger was cursed and such a weak child did not belong in the family. By the time Kano was seven, her mother had completley forgotten who she was. The fact that her own mother had forgotten her broke Kano's heart, and she soon refused to talk to anyone, forcing her father to take her out of school.

Soon after she was taken out of school, Kano began to talk less and less to even her own family members, and she always walked away when the other children tried to talk to her or get her to play with them. Kano was soon diagnosed with a special illness, in which she would become weak and feel extreme pain whenever she started to love to someone. It's because of this that she often feels lonely and refuses to talk to people. The story her mother had told her shortly before her memory was erased is the only thing that gives Kano the hope she truly needs to be able to "fly".

Don't Tell a Soul-
-I wish to fall in love.
-I want to be able to fly!

I Love- :Cherry blossom trees :Spring: Evening :The ocean: The sky: Summer festivals:

Get Away - :People: Tamiko :Winter: Rain :Thunderstorms: School :Loud Noises:

Shaking in My Boots-
-Being forgotten
-Scoldings from Tamiko
-Being punished for being weak

Getting Powers-
-Places where I can hide

Weak at the Knees-

Dance to the Music- Tori no Uta: Air TV Opening

Are There Any Animals in Here??- The Tiger

Fur, Spots, Stripes - A white Siberian tiger.
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PostSubject: Re: Glt Plesre -- A Literate Furuba Roleplay. Sun Oct 05, 2008 4:46 pm

Roleplays are to be put in the Roleplay Section, not planning.

-Post Moved-
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PostSubject: Re: Glt Plesre -- A Literate Furuba Roleplay.

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Glt Plesre -- A Literate Furuba Roleplay.

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